Port Forwarding


This guide focuses on creating port aliases as well as establishing a port forward.


  1. EAP Controller Access –
  2. 2 PFSense box (where one of the connected servers is the EAP Controller)


Step 1: On your PFSense box, go to Firewall > Alias > Ports

Step 2: Add a custom port alias with the following settings:-

Name > EAP

Description > EAP Controller

Type > Port(s)

Port > 8088, 8043, 29810, 29811, 29812, 29813

Finally, save and apply changes.

Step 3: Now, go to Firewall > NAT > Port Forward.

Step 4: Add a Port Forward entry with the following settings:-

Interface > WAN

Protocol > TCP/UDP

Destination > WAN address

Destination port range > Other

From port > EAP

To port > EAP

Redirect target IP > (e.g: the IP where the controller is installed on

Description > EAP Controller

NAT reflection > Use System default

Filter rule association > Add associated filter rule

Step 5: Verify by accessing the EAP controller web interface via instead of

Updated on June 5, 2020

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