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Multi-WAN Failover Setup


This is to establish a redundant WAN connection from different Internet Service Providers (ISPs) and implement a Multi-WAN failover.


  1. ISP01 (IP:
  2. ISP02 (IP:
  3. PfSense box – (PfSense01.localdomain)


Task 1: Preparing Networks

Step 1: On your PFSense box, go to Intefaces > Assignments.

Step 2: Add a new Network port.

Step 3: Rename the interface to WAN2.

Step 4: Assign the interface a Static IP. Use the second ISP IP address as the Gateway.

Step 5: Save your settings and Apply Changes.

Step 6: Ensure the WAN interface is configured as below:

Step 7: Ensure that the WAN2 interface firewall consists of an Allow All rule.

Task 2: Enable Default Gateway Switching

Step 1: Go to System > Advanced > Miscellaneous

Step 2: Under Load Balancing section, enable the Default gateway switching option.

Task 3: Configure Gateway Group

Step 1: Go to System > Routing > Gateway Groups.

Step 2: Add a new Group.

Step 3: Enter a Group Name

Step 4: 2 Gateways should be listed under Gateway Priority, change the tier for each to Tier 1.

Step 5: Change the Trigger Level to Packet Lost or High Latency

Step 6: Description > GW_Failover

Step 7: Save your settings and Apply Changes.

Task 4: Test the Configuration

Step 1: Go to your PFSense console and select option ‘8’.

Step 2: Enter the command ‘netstat -r’. This will list the current gateway being used by the firewall.

Step 3: Force a shutdown on one of the ISP router and enter the same command.

Step 4: At that moment, you will notice the default gateway is changed to other IP of the second ISP router.

Updated on June 5, 2020

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