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Unable to receive SMS (Premium SMS)


Have sent out SMS but unable to receive on the handset




Might be due to the wrong MT URL or invalid passname / password.


Please ensure you are posting to the correct URL : http://gateway.trio-mobile.com:81/cpm_i.aspx

If the URL is correct, kindly refer to the result once you have post to the URL above.

If you received a negative number. Kindly refer to page 8 of our API for further explanation

If you received a positive number, kindly follow the steps below for the failure reason:

STEP 1: Login into your SMS account

STEP 2: After login, go to Report, then MT Report

STEP 3: Enter your mobile number

STEP 4: Click Search

Additional Information 

If it is non of the above, kindly issue a ticket to Support Team with the date and the affected mobile number for us to check

Updated on March 15, 2019

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