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Recipient is unable to receive SMS (Bulk SMS)


Have sent out SMS from the Bulk SMS system but recipient is unable to receive the SMS.




– Might be due to invalid mobile number
– Telco might be experiencing delay in delivery


Kindly check on the transaction by following the steps below

STEP 1: Login into your SMS account

STEP 2: After login, go to Report, then Campaign History

STEP 3: Select “Date From”

STEP 4: Click Search

STEP 5: Click on the Blue Colour Magnificient glass button

If the status is Fail, kindly ensure that your mobile number is valid. Eg, if your mobile number is 0121234567, you need to send as 60121234567.

If the status is Pending, it means that we have sent the SMS to Telco for delivery. Telco may experience delay in delivery your SMS.

If the status is Success, please submit a ticket to Support Team with the affected mobile number and date of sending us to check further.

Additional Information

If it is none of the above, kindly issue a ticket to Support Team with the date and the affected mobile number for us to check.

Updated on March 15, 2019

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