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How to perform Backup hard drive using Todo Backup application?


Unsure on how to perform backup for your hard drive using Todo Backup application




Lack of knowledge on performing the backup using Todo Backup application


STEP 1Download the Todo Backup Installer from http://www.todo-backup.com/download/

STEP 2: Proceed with the Installation via RDP at the respective server.

STEP 3Reboot the server after installation.

STEP 4Attach external storage or additional hard drive to store the backup image.

STEP 5: Perform Full Format on the New External Storage / Hard Drive and ensure it’s healthy (Free from Bad Sector).

STEP 6: Launch the Todo Backup Application.

STEP 7: Click on Backup.

STEP 8: Ensure the Source Backup is selected correctly.

STEP 9: Click on Next Button.

STEP 10: Specify the Backup Destination and name the file as the following format -> E:\NETW0513OCT2010

Additional Information 

If you are still unable to perform the backup, kindly issue a ticket to Support Team

Updated on March 14, 2019

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