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How to import contact list to group

01. Create New Group to “Group” for your contact list.

STEP 1: Expand “Contact” >> Groups

STEP 2: Click “Add New” button

STEP 3: Enter your Group name

STEP 4: Click “Save” and done

02. Import Contacts – Import via (CSV File or Text File or From Copy & Paste)

STEP 1: Expand “Contact” >> Select “Import CSV File” or “Import from TXT” or “Import from Copy Paste”

STEP 2: Click “Choose” to select your file

STEP 3: From “CSV File”

or From “Text File (TXT File)”

or From “Copy & Paste”

STEP 4: Click “Next” to continue.

STEP 5: Select the header/title for your data

STEP 6: Click “Next” to continue.

STEP 7: Select “Insert Contacts to” and Click “Import”

STEP 8: You will received below message if the contact import is success.


To verify your group

STEP 1: Expand “Contact”>>Click “Group”

You can Edit Group Name/Delete/Download under here.

Updated on October 1, 2018

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