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Configuration Back Up and Restoration


To perform a simple backup on the PfSense configuration XML as well as restore on these configurations.


  1. PFSense Instance (Installed and configured)


Task 1: PfSense configuration Backup

Step 1: On your PfSense GUI, go to Diagnostics > Backup and Restore.

Step 2: Under Backup Configuration:-

Backup Area > All (Depending on the areas you want to back up the configuration)

Skip Package > Checked (Uncheck If you want to back up the installed package information)

Skip RRD data > Checked

Encryption > Checked

Finally, click ‘Download configuration as XML’.

Task 2: Restore Configuration

Method 1: Restore via PFSense GUI

Step 1: Go to the same Backup and Restore screen.

Step 2: Under Restore Backup:-

Restore Area > All

Configuration File > Locate the configuration file

Encryption > Checked and specify the password

Finally, click on ‘Restore Configuration’.

Step 3: The firewall will automatically reboot after restoring.

Method 2: Restore recent configuration via Console

Step 1: Go to your menu console, select option 15.

Step 2: Select option 1 to list all recent configurations.

Step 3: Select option 2 to and specify a number of a recent configuration to restore.

Step 4: Confirm by entering Y/y

Step 5: A message stating that the configuration has been successfully reverted will be displayed.

Updated on June 5, 2020

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